2016 GPCA National Specialty

Specialty Committees

Chair and Assistant Chair – Flo Laicher, Sherry Young
Show Treasurer – Judy Brown
AKC Applications & Paperwork – Flo Laicher
All in One Reservations – Amy Zacher
Art Work/Logo/Banquet Programs/Table Decorations – Arlene Oraby, Jan Waitz, Priscilla Marsh
Auction/Raffles – Janet Weymouth, Jim Delaney, Joyce Brady, Sherry Young
Auctioneer – Tom Meade
Building & Grounds – Bob Young, Penny Kretchmer, Phyllis Meade, Bret Zacher
Chief Ring Steward – Jean Pero
Obedience & Rally – Judy Skorup, Priscilla Marsh
Kick-off Committee – Janet Weymouth, chair, with Bob & Sherry Young, Judy Skorup, Flo Laicher
Top Twenty & Puppy Invitational – Karen Justin & Marcy Bankus
Premium List – Flo Laicher
GPCA Catalog pages historical content – Flo Laicher
Catalog Advertising – Maria Church Davis
Vendors – Bob Young
Health Clinic & Seminar – Flo Laicher
Rescue Parade – Betty Walker
Basket Competition – Joyce Brady
Judges’ Hospitality – Priscilla Marsh
Banquet Menu & food – Sherry Young
Website – Joe Bruns
Facebook page – Peggy Watson
CGC/TDI Evaluations – Judy Skorup
Draft Test – hosted by PFNE – Judy Skorup
Sale/Logo Items – Sherry Young
Disaster & Evacuation plan – Jon Chodakowski
Exhibitor Hospitality – Sherry Young
Trophies – Janet Weymouth, Sherry Young, Flo Laicher
Futurity & Sweepstakes – Kathy Liles