Judges' Education

Breed Mentors

A Mentor is a person who is willing to share their expertise with other Great Pyrenees owners and judges. AKC-qualified mentors must be a 12-year member of GPCA or an AKC Breeder Judge. Mentors must have bred 5 litters and finished 10 AKC Champions. Mentors must also have attended a GPCA-approved Breed Standard Education presentation. Mentoring is one of the highest responsibilities held by breed "experts" to help "new" people learn about a breed. Whether the people being mentored are newcomers to the breed, approved group judges, or provisional judges, it is extremely important that positive attitudes and information be provided. Too often, the position as mentor is taken as entitlement to lead people towards certain dogs and away from other dogs with prejudice. Seasoned judges usually recognize this and are secure enough to dig through the real intent of the mentor, but newcomers to the breed and new judges could be adversely influenced for their entire life in dogs.

As mentors we have a responsibility to the fancy to conduct ourselves in the highest sense of sportsmanship. We serve as examples of behavior to all. When we are caustic about our fellow competitors and negative about others' dogs, this image destroys any education we might be conveying.

When a provisional judge's name is printed in the AKC Gazette, he/ she is sent a copy of The Great Pyrenees Standard Visualization and Commentary and a letter with the names of mentors in his/her area. A copy of the letter is also sent to the mentor/mentors that live in that area. The provisional judge can then contact the mentor/mentors to set up kennel visits, ringside discussions, review of materials, and arrange for any other educational help desired.

Mentors come in all shapes sizes and in all levels ethically. Some encourage people to think for themselves and not follow the crowd. These are the ones you learn the most from because they are the ones who have learned the most about the breed THE HARD WAY and if they stay around the breed even if no longer breeding, THEY ARE THE ONES WHO LOVE THE BREED.

If you are interested in being a mentor and meet the AKC/GPCA requirements, please send me your name. As requested by AKC, a list of qualified mentors are listed below.

Ruth A. Marcy, Chair
Mentor Committee
email: marwell-1966@gci.net

Janet Ingram, Chair: jlingram@usit.net
Judy Brown: jjbfromnc@aol.com
Nancy Carr: L-ncarr@comcast.net
Rhonda Dalton: pyragongreatpyrenees@comcast.net
Laurie Gottschalk: gottpyrs@comcast.net
Peggy Watson: pyrstaf@aol.com