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head studyThe Great Pyrenees Standard Visualization and Commentary

The AKC Official Standard for the Great Pyrenees is a narrative describing the correct characteristics of the breed. The Great Pyrenees Standard Visualization and Commentary (Illustrated Standard) goes a step further by providing illustrations as well as comments elaborating on the standard. You can get a beautifully bound edition of the Illustrated Standard. Send a check (payable to GPCA) to Jean Pero; 2385 South Miller Court; Lakewood, CO 80227, or order here through PayPal.

Price: $10.00  ($8.00 each additional copy, $20.00 ea. outside U.S.)

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Title Holders Book sample

Title Holders Books

Looseleaf sheets (5½" x 8½") punched for inserting in a three-ring binder (not included). A sheet for each Great Pyrenees Champion or any AKC title holder; including a photo (unless not submitted), name, call name, date titled, sex, birthdate, owner, breeder, and a three-generation pedigree of the dog.

Cumulative indexes are included with certain issues. Many issues also have a section with records and statistics for the year. Note that 1972 is not available.

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2003 through 2013 – $20.00 each

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1950 through 1969 – $12.00 per set

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short sleeve shirt  

2014 GPCA National Specialty T-shirts (short sleeve, athletic ash)

Sizes: Large, X Large – $15.00
2X – $18.00

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long sleeve shirt

2014 GPCA National Specialty T-shirts (long sleeve, gold)

Sizes: Large, X Large – $24.00
3X – $26.00

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2014 GPCA National Specialty Sweatshirts (indigo)

Sizes: Medium, Large, X Large – $25.00
3X – $28.00

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2013 luggage_handle_wrap+enlarge  

GPCA National Specialty Luggage Handle Wraps

$6.00 ea.

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2013 T-Shirt

GPCA National Specialty Paw Print Luggage Tag


2013 luggage_handle_wrap

GPCA National Specialty Slip or Clip Leashes

$15.00 ea

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